More cutie pies :)
I asked people to send me photos of them to draw and here is the first one :) work in progress. I love drawing portraits soo if you want one message me! Model: fueledbyi
Sketch book drawing First time drawing something in 2 months nice to finally get something on paper and start moving since school is starting in a month :)
1st semester drawing 1
Intro to illustration: project narrative
we had to illustrate our partner’s specific memory 
colored pencil, cut out and placed on asphalt then photographed, and edited with photoshop 

doodle from …i think last night? or the other night…
i don’t know…i don’t sleep much since my cough and sore throat keep me up
digital gesture drawing of my favorite dancer model <3
welp here it is completely digitally painted My month was January :)

Inspiration: DXTR

#Wip #portrait #acrylic #mcad #illustration

Napkin #doodle in #coffeeshop (at Spy House Coffee Shop)